Donna's Learning Center has earned a STAR Rating!!!!!!

IdahoSTARS has implemented a Quality Rating and Improvement System which is a voluntary program.

The QRIS has three goals: inform parents' choices, improve the quality of childcare, and implement Strengthening Families through Early Care and Education. Strengthening Families is a child abuse and neglect prevention framework that focuses on supporting family strengths through positive childcare provider/parent relationships.

Childcare facilities participating in QRIS earn points and an overall rating based on eight Quality Standards: Environment, Education, Professional Development, Inclusion, Strengthening Families, Child-to-staff ratio, Group Size, and Business Practices.

The QRIS includes a built-in-system for improvement in each standard. In this way, the QRIS credits facilities for the quality practices already in place while providing a road map to increase quality.


My two little ones have a terrific time at Donna's and both are really thriving since they entered her care a few months ago. I've especially seen a positive change in my son's behavior - he's calmer, more confident, and generally happier than I've seen him in a long time. Donna provides an environment that's nurturing, fun, and loving. My kids are happy to be dropped off in the mornings, and they're often reluctant to leave at the end of the day, which shows me they really enjoy being in Donna's care. My son has been working through some behavioral issues, and Donna has been a wonderful partner in this endeavor, making sure to keep the lines of communication with me and his school open to ensure consistency throughout the day, which is so important. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Donna to any family that might be looking for a healthy and joyful environment for their child.

C. & A. Fleischer

Donna has watched my children since they were 6 weeks old. They are now 12 and 13 years old. She does an excellent job of planning and carrying out fun and educational activities. She looks for ways to improve her care by educating herself and being open to suggestions on themes and activities that interest the children. More importantly, though, her enthusiasm for watching children is very apparent. I can tell that she loves my kids and they love her.

They are excited to go to Donna’s and I sometimes have a hard time pulling them away from whatever they are doing at the end of the day to go home. I feel good about leaving them in her care. I’m often telling my coworkers and friends about the things that Donna does for the kids. The people I tell are often amazed at everything I have to say about Donna and wish they had such a provider close to them for their kids. She is a part of our family. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing a caregiver for their children.

E. & J. Affolter

When I first learned of Donna's Learning Center I was sitting with our child development coordinator trying to find a daycare that would accept my daughter. My youngest was born with a rare heart defect called T.A.P.V.R. Since she had a feeding tube placed at the age of two months on, she was experiencing issues like failure to thrive. Working closely with multiple organizations, doctors, and therapists for a year, they felt she needed to be in a learning environment with other children, in a place that she could interact, and learn with other children. Our first stop was Donna's Learning Center, where we currently still receive quality care. I have never met a more compassionate and caring provider like Donna.

You can immediately see why all the children just adore her. Donna shows great determination with her continuing education and ability to keep improving her teaching methods. I believe that my child loves to be at Donna's and has shown great Improvements. I would recommend her facility to anyone looking for a quality nurturing home like environment.


My son Paxton has been with Donna for a little over 3 years.  He is now 5 years old.  He started off at another daycare in star only because she was full at the time. When we were able to come on board with her, it was the best decision we made. Paxton was born with an unknown mutated gene that was just recently discovered by genetics 6 months ago. He has been delayed from birth but has been working with many different types of therapies along the way, from PT, OT, Speech, and Audiology.

They have helped him tremendously. Paxton does not talk, his developmental delay is behind about a year and a half.  When Paxton started at Donna's we made her aware of his delays and his current development. I was unsure how she would respond to him and him to her. It scared me to think that he wasn't going to fit in or be able to be accepted and stay. He started off at her childcare center only able to sit up and was not mobile and still learning how to play with toys and hold them. Donna is an Angel. She lets his therapists come to daycare and work with him so I don’t have to leave work 3 days a week. Since a year has passed Paxton is now able to crawl, scoot, and walk with a walker. He is able to play with the other kids and toys and even help clean up. She was who we needed in our lives at the right time. God put her in our lives for a reason and I believe it was to help our son overcome his delays and give him the confidence that he can do anything he sets his mind to. There were times when I asked Donna if he was too much to handle and if we needed to find a new daycare. Her response every time was “We are all here to help him and I love working with him, if there is a challenge that hits us, we figure out how to accomplish it”. My family is very blessed to have met Donna and Dean and is so grateful to them for taking in our son Paxton and helping him to achieve so many obstacles. She is so great with him and teaching him new things and just making him feel so special and wanted. Paxton loves Donna and the kids and every Monday he can't wait to go back and see her.

K&C Mayer